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Included in each of the first four Jeff Talbot novels is a conversational bibliography, along with a webliography, compiled by Jeff and Sheila Talbot.
(Sheila loves the Internet--discover why in DEATH IS A CABARET.)

Each novel features a variety of antiques and collectibles, and the characters have varied interests. The links listed below reflect that. Enjoy!


The links are listed by category:

Antiques and Collectibles

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The name of this site was made from the words "alphabet" and "philately." (Philately is stamp collecting.) Both the concept and the art here are fabulous. There are twenty-six stamps, created by as many artists, laid out alphabetically. Click the top banner for the index, then check out the "V is for V-Mail" stamp (which got Jeff's attention; learn why in THE MARRIAGE CASKET). Vintage letters and envelopes are why I fell in love with this site, and perusing any number of the alphabetized stamps will give you a look at vintage ephemera.

Antique Lures
Hundreds of pages of information, extensive photos. If you're into vintage lures, you've likely made good use of this site. If you're just getting started, allow plenty of time here.

Antiques Roadshow
The Jeff Talbot antique lover's mystery series came about, in part, to the popularity of this highly successful PBS program. The Web site has a wealth of information on antiques.

Official Mattel site for the collectible Barbie. Well-designed, with a wealth of information. Includes an index of Barbie clubs by state.

Bill's Antique Christmas Light Site
Lots of history and information, as well as photos of vintage advertising, and just about anything you might want to know regarding antique Christmas lights.

George Eastman House
The technology collection at the George Eastman House is made up of more than 15,000 separate items. An eighteenth-century camera obscura is the oldest item in the collection, and the Speed Graphic camera used by Joe Rosenthal for the 1945 photograph of the flag raising on Iwo Jima is housed there.

Gold Star Moms
If you would like to learn more about the flag that Jeff found in the marriage casket, the Gold Star Moms site is the place. The Gold Star gained special significance at the end of World War I, and its symbolism became more prominent during World War II.

Golden Glow of Christmas Past
If you're a collector of anything Christmas, you're likely aware of this organization. Check the site for information about the annual convention, which is usually a "Christmas in July" event. Members receive a bimonthly newsletter, "The Glow."

The Grand Hotel
If you've read Death is a Cabaret, then you know that Jeff Talbot stayed at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, to attend an antiques event. Visit the website of this luxury antique (and antique-filled!) hotel for a closer look.

Granville Islands Train Museum
This museum is about three hours north of Seattle in Vancouver, BC Canada. The Web site is loaded with information, offers an extensive links page for all things train, and has the world's largest collection of model and toy trains on public display. There's even a rare pink Lionel train set, circa 1958, that was designed for girls!

American Hatpin Society
The Hatpin Collectors Website
The Hat Pin Society of Great Britain
Did you know that there are different kinds of fake hatpins? (If you aren't sure of the distinction between a "marriage" and a "fantasy," check out page 13 of The Weedless Widow.) The three Web sites listed above provide all sorts of information and links.

Hermitage Museum
This museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, offers interesting information and photos of the diamond-cut steel like that of Verena's marriage casket for which the third novel is named. Conduct a search of the word Tula for a list of pages.

The International Perfume Bottle Association
Get info on becoming a member, and news about this club's annual convention. Site includes many photos and links to assist in research. The organization publishes the journal, Perfume Bottle Quarterly.

Ralph and Terry Kovel have had a passion for antiques for over forty years, and have published numerous books about collecting. Their Web site offers extensive databases. The couple also writes a column for Forbes magazine, as well as a nationally syndicated newspaper column.

Go to Ken Riley's camera site links page and click the Antique and Classic Camera Collectors' link for an extensive listing of Web sites. This site is dedicated to providing the camera collector with useful information about camera repair, films and darkroom supplies for the classics, and other photographic resources.

The Lionel Collectors Club of America
Creates five publications (two print, three on-line). The Club was founded in 1970, and holds an annual convention. Check out the FAQ page for answers to collecting questions, and a concise date chart for pre-war, post-war, and modern classifications.

Mackinac Island
Enjoy learning more about this treasure of Michigan. Turn-of-the-century charm (that's turn of the twentieth century!) is abundant on Mackinac Island, and two movies have been filmed there (see pages 46 and 47 of Death is a Cabaret).

Mackinac State Historic Park
More information about Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Here, you'll find history as well as a technical resource center. Marklin produces more than just trains, and states that their reproductions have detail changes to exclude the possibility of mistaking the reproductions for historic, original models. The site also has a great page for determining differences in the various scales, or gauges, offered.

Morning Glory Antiques and Jewelry
Offers a free online magazine called "Jewel Chat," in addition to hundreds of photos of jewelry marks and the dates those marks were used, and photos of vintage jewelry advertising (which help in identification).

National Autumn Leaf Collectors Club
Here, you'll find the official Web site of the Club. Sheila's fortunate to have inherited her set of the Hall China/Jewel Tea dishes from her Pennsylvania grandmother.

The National Fishing Lure Collectors Club
This club's site is about more than just lures. It "encompasses every aspect of collecting fishing related tackle and ephemera."

National Woodie Club
Jeff Talbot drives a 1948 Chevy woodie. This well-executed site offers news about classic woodies, regional and national events, and provides information about the club's monthly publication, Woodie Times (edited by John Lee). Jeff is the first fictional member of this outstanding organization!

Napoleonic Society of America
The cabaret (or tea) set in Death is a Cabaret is Napoleonic. If you're interested in Bonaparte, here's a good place to start.

Old Tools
There are many tool collectors clubs and societies. If you're interested, this impressive Web site is a good place to start.

The Society of Inkwell Collectors
In Cabaret, Jeff purchases a couple of inkwells. If you're interested in this collectible, you might want to check out this society.

The Information and Reference button takes you to hundreds of jewelry links, as well as tips and guides for cleaning and repairing jewelry.

Toy Train Operating Society, Inc.
Web site of the Toy Train Operating Society, Inc., which was founded in 1966. The organization offers two publications for its members. Check out their links page.

The Train Collectors Association
The Train Collectors Association was organized in 1954; that means its 50th birthday is coming up! Headquartered at the National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc.
This official site of the club contains a wealth of information about the "glowing" collectible. Lots of history, many links, and information on joining the group. You'll also find news of the organization's annual convention, and a list of recommended books.




It's hard to know which category to list this site in. Martha Stewart provides information on antiques and collecting, as well as recipes.

Set up your own on-line recipe box, choosing from over 14,000 recipes. Conduct word searches, too.

Here's a great site with loads of recipes, as well as lots of other info on honey and honey bees. Also offers great stuff for kids! If you're interested in mead (honey wine), check the product page.

Recipe Source
This extensive source for recipes offers two major groups: recipes primarily identified with an ethnic cuisine are broken down by region and ethnic group (and there are dozens), along with recipes categorized by type of dish--including holidays. The site also lists cookbook recommendations.

Seabolts Salmon
Seabolts uses locally grown alder wood to smoke salmon in the traditional style of the Pacific Northwest. Located just down the road from Deception Pass, Seabolts has been in business for almost twenty-five years.

Texas Cook
Sam Carver (meet him in The Weedless Widow) has culinary roots in Texas. Check out this site for Texas Style Barbeque, Tex-Mex, Cast-Iron Cookin', and many other Southern-style delicacies.

Tullys Coffee
The folks at Tully's Coffee (which is the exclusive coffee brand of Safeco Field) provide a striking Web site. They offer for purchase a French-press grind, and if you haven't tried French-pressed coffee, I urge you to check it out. I'm no barista, but I can say that Tully's hasn't steered me wrong yet.



As promised in the webliography of THE MARRIAGE CASKET, here's a segment about periodicals that provide info on antiques:

Antique and Collectors Reproduction News
A monthly newsletter that provides money-saving tips to keep you on the right track. You can also purchase supplies, such as black lights and invisible ink, to aid in marking your valuables for identification.

Antique Trader
This weekly tabloid lists thousands of classifieds and other advertisements for dealers, auctions, and shows. Also features show/auction calendar, as well as articles on books, industry news, antiques, and collectibles.

Catalogue of Antiques and Fine Art
This bimonthly magazine showcases high-end antiques and art. Informative articles.

Country Living
Country Living magazine offers American antiques and collectibles information in every issue. In addition, the editors provide loads of information on their Web site. Go to the segment on antiques and collectibles, and allow plenty of time!

Journal of Antiques and Collectibles
Monthly tabloid published in Sturbridge, Mass., publishes antiques news, Q&A from the Kovels, and articles on a wide variety of antiques.

Maine Antique Digest
This hefty monthly newspaper offers extensive coverage of show, auction, and industry news. The Web site offers much info, too.

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion
How do I describe this magazine? A retro romp through fun, whether it be flea-market decorating or seaside collecting or the artist's works that evoke memories--and smiles. Regularly features decorating with antiques and collectibles.

New England Antiques Journal
A monthly tabloid considered substantial. Many regular features, including auction digest, industry news, books, and the monthly supplement "Living With Antiques" magazine.

Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine
Focusing primarily (and obviously) on the southeastern states, this magazine is based in Georgia. Regular features include a Civil War section, celebrity collectors, and shop directory.

The Magazine Antiques
This striking magazine is eye candy for those interested in perusing high-end antiques and art. Regular features include Museum Accessions, Report from Europe, and Design Notes.





The Butlers Guild
Whether you're in the market for a butler, or you want to learn more about this fascinating field of service, you won't go wrong by checking out the Web site for The International Guild of Professional Butlers. (Don't miss the Butler Pantry, an online store.)

Thomas Pink has great cuff links, which I'm counting on as future vintage pieces for my collection.
Those who notice the vein of pink that runs through The Weedless Widow (book two in the series) might appreciate this bit of history from the Thomas Pink Web site: "It's a little-known fact that the phrase 'in the pink' was inspired by our very own Thomas Pink. This legendary Mayfair tailor made his name in the late 18th century, creating hunting coats that were regarded as the finest in the land. If you wore a coat by Mr. Pink, you were definitely on top form-socially, financially, and, of course, sartorially."

Clothing, luggage and travel accessories.

Spandrels, beadboards, gingerbread, and fretwork can all be found at the site for this Texas-based company. Request a catalog, shop on-line, or check out the bookstore, which lists dozens of recommended books on everything from architectural styles to renovation and preservation of historic homes, to information on interior elements such as reproduction of historic fabrics, lighting, and wallpapers.





Includes everything from a list of popular fishing spots to information on lodging, stores, and restaurants near those spots. A well laid-out site, with impressive graphics, too.
Fishing regulations are complicated. Be sure and check out the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife site at www.wa.gov/wdfw for information you'll need prior to making that first cast.

Pasta and Co.
One of my favorite items from this neighborhood store is the black pasta (the color is achieved with squid ink, which does not alter the taste); it makes a wonderful presentation with some of my sauces. If you're in our neighborhood north of Seattle, drop by Pasta and Co. and tell them we sent you. They're at 2109 Queen Anne Avenue North.

This is a good starting place for Seattle stuff, which offers travel info, history, resources, media, city guides, and directory assistance.

Washington Outdoor Women was established in 1997 by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. At the time I checked out this site, the group was offering a number of workshops-from basic fly-tying to big-game hunting.

Whidbey Island
Whidbey Island is one of my favorite Washington spots, from Deception Pass at the northern tip to Clinton on its southern shores. This Web site offers much info on both Whidbey and Camano islands, north of Seattle.




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